Calisthenics or weight lifting?


Calisthenics is simply a form of physical training or exercise with minimal or no equipment. Calisthenics helps you to master your own bodyweight in the long run and moderately increases or balances your physical and mental health. Unlike weight lifting, you don’t exactly need to go to the gym to do calisthenics, it’s something you can do in your home and also unlike weight lifting you don’t exactly require an instructor per se. The training basically entails basic body workouts like pushups, sit ups, jogging, squats etc. These forms of exercises can also be useful when trying to lose weight. Calisthenics has been known to foster or improve on one’s strength, flexibility, health and aesthetics; it shows you your capabilities where even you sometimes might not know it and not just that, it also improves on these found abilities.

For someone who is just starting to do calisthenics he or she is going start with workouts like static chin-ups, dips, leg raises, inverted rows, bench dips etc. one mistake beginners make is that they do not do these exercises correctly which could result in giving up because they haven’t seen the outcome of what they have been doing for months, they feel like what’s the essence of all they’ve been doing. Sometimes it’s even better to do a pushup properly than to do five pushups inappropriately, also sometimes it could even seem frustrating because it takes a long time to actually show these desired results but the trick is never giving up so DON’T!!!!!!. As you progress you increase the number of sets you do for each workout so if these exercises get easier, proceed to something harder like pull-ups also do remember to do stretching exercises in order to avoid strains and injuries.

Weight lifting

This form of exercise is a lot more energy consuming compared to calisthenics. Weight lifting, as its name implies, has to do with lifting weights or barbells and dumbells to be precise. Unlike calisthenics, you need actual training equipment and weight lifting is recommended if you intend to increase your muscle mass (body build). Bodybuilding is majorly focused on the strength of an individual. The exercise is meant to build up your muscles thereby giving enormous strength. Bodybuilders around the world all did this exercise though some of them used steroids to make them look even more built. When you do weight lifting what you are basically doing to your muscles is seriously forceful contractions and temporary damage. It’s through this damage that bodybuilding is achieved. Your muscles get damaged and automatically repairs themselves and when they do, they get bigger and bigger. All these things are all done to stimulate growth, strength, endurance and power. And as you lift these weights over time, they tend to feel lighter. Once this is realized, then it’s time to add more weights; this is just a sign that you’ve gotten stronger and your muscles, bigger. But note, you can build for size or strength depending on what you want. If it’s for size you’ll lift lighter weights and take shorter rest times but if you’re going for strength you’ve got to increase the weight every time you feel it is light. Also it’s not just the size and strength that you can build in a muscle, there is also the endurance part of it. For this, you’ve got to do a high number of repetitions but fewer sets. So you should reach or even exceed your limit in one set but then you can do fewer sets.

Calisthenics and weight lifting could be similar in some ways but they perform different functions to the body. Here are the pros and cons of calisthenics and weight lifting



One major advantage is that you don’t need any starting investment. For calisthenics, you really don’t need much to start working out. As stated earlier, you need little or no equipment to begin workout. All you might need to purchase might just be push up bars, pull up bars etc not even costing up to 10 percent of what a gym would cost.

Another major advantage is that you can work out almost anywhere. Unlike weight lifting, calisthenics doesn’t exactly need a gym setting for you to train. You can train almost anywhere. The fact that you can do it anywhere makes it available for everyone to participate

Another merit you can get from calisthenics is the fact that it doesn’t just target one quality in your body, it targets many of them which include your strength, flexibility, balance etc. Unlike weight lifting, calisthenics can improve you on all sides while weight lifting focuses on your muscles and muscles alone.

Also with calisthenics, you can learn awesome moves. You can start to do gravity-defying moves just by training. Calisthenics icons like Hannibal the king used to perform these awesome moves. Training with calisthenics can earn you these moves.

Another advantage to it is creativity. As you progress you’ll find out that you keep coming up with new ideas to train. That happens when you start to explore moves you haven’t tried before. Also when you want to progress towards a move you’ve got to think of the new ways to do these moves.

It’s also one of the best ways to also lose fat. It’s basically an exercise that requires almost 100 percent of your body active

One more advantage of calisthenics is the whole body strength and muscular development it gives. The whole idea of the training exercise is to give your body the power it needs to keep trying new kinds of moves


Calisthenics has advantages and equally has disadvantages to it and here are some of them.

Its very hard to focus on some muscle groups. Some people might feel like they want to focus on probably a muscle group using calisthenics but it’s not exactly possible what someone like that would need is weight lifting

The exercise has less training for the legs. Calisthenics has only a few numbers of leg exercises you can do.

Its harder to build a lot of muscle mass. Compared to weight lifting, calisthenics is only meant to make you physically fit not to build up a huge chunk of muscles

We’ve looked into calisthenics and managed to draw out some merits and demerits. Now let’s look into weight lifting’s pros and cons


Weight lifting


One obvious advantage it has is the massive build-up of muscles which grants you enormous strength. In the process of building up these muscles, fat is lost in the body. So technically, fat is exchanged for muscles

Just like calisthenics, another advantage weight lifting is the fact that you’re working out your whole body while standing still, how? While you carry those weights, your bones try as much as possible to support you so every part of your body is also working including your bones

Another advantage is tenacity. Weight lifting gives a lot of tenacity, unlike someone who is into calisthenics, a bodybuilder is tenacious, in other words, he is firm and can take more hits better than an average person.


One disadvantage it might have is safety. You shouldn’t be alone when doing this especially when you are using the barbell. The weight could fall due to the fact that you might not be able to complete the repetition and could get trapped under it.

Another disadvantage is the fact that you have to have full control of your body while doing it. When you are exercising, you need your whole body and if you do not have full control, you could cause your muscle to pull.

Another con to it is reduced flexibility, due to the fact that you have a big, bulky body you might not be able to do things that interest you, things that require flexibility. Depending on your physique, you might turn out to be rigid after a full course of weight lifting

Both fitness techniques come with pros and cons, what do you think is best for you?