What is online education and how to get a BA and MBA degree online?


Online education is a program that includes any kind of learning that takes place via the Internet. Schools and institutions now use this medium to offer various courses as it gets easier to obtain an online degree, both bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees and Programs. Pursuing an accredited online bachelor’s degree is a welcome development that has helped improve the world in acquiring the desired certificate, this is most embraced because it can now be done within the comfort of the learner, without leaving your home. Using this program, you can attend online lectures, study from home, manage your schedule and interact virtually with teachers, professors and your coursemates.


Our focus here will be on how to get a BA/MBA degree online.

A bachelor’s degree in business is one of the most popular degrees to get online, as it is has a lot of business school that takes the course on the net, a business degree will enable you to have a good knowledge of business workplace and how to legally save money on taxes, an online business bachelor’s degree offers any student the chance to network with like-minds and groups anywhere in the world. This study will be a great asset to anyone who wants to be drafting proposal and plans for any sort of business, it gives a sound knowledge of how it is being done.

This course aims to offer a wide education on how a business is being managed, in this world that has a little tolerance for mismanagement and inefficiency, it will help to show the positives that will be gotten from managing a business without exceeding the budget and finding ways to reasonably cut cost. This course will also consider how a business can be managed, the steps taken, the responsibilities, the skill required which include self-governance, administration and so on, also areas of the management application. It will also introduce you to the various department in management, business strategy for strategic management, business analysis and goal setting, planning and approach to business management, and also concepts of business management.


Duration to get a bachelor of business administration degree and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

The traditional bachelor’s degree:- this takes at least four years to complete. But some accelerated college programs let you complete an entire bachelor’s degree in less than that, most of the popular online business schools have a 120 credit hours completed to earn the degree. Using the Terry college of business as an example, it is one of the best online business institutions, they allow students to complete the online program in 3 year, this school is accredited by the University of Georgia and also received accreditation from the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International). With classes beginning in January, June and August fur each set.

The duration for an online masters degree:- A master’s degree is a graduate level degree that typically takes two years to complete. Accelerated online master’s degree programs may be completed in as little as a year as in the case of an MBA program that is being focused at here. Many students may look at the degree path as a long way but there is also a dual MBA that can be completed in two years to receive a standard online MBA degree.



Always note that the duration for both degrees depends on the institution that is applied to, while some take 2-3 years for a bachelor’s degree others may take up to four years. And for the master’s program, some schools take as few as nine months while others take up to two years.


How to get a BA and an MBA degree.

To get a BA, you can either have an associate degree of at least 60 transferable credits, that will result in 2 years completion to get the Bachelor’s degree while some schools made it mandatory to complete at least 120 hours credit to fully earn the degree by partaking from the start. The latter process takes at least 3 years.


To get an MBA, you need to enroll in master’s programs immediately after earning a bachelor’s degree. Master’s degrees is a good addition for long-term career success and earning power. There are lots of schools online that offer MBA and the basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in Business administration and related courses.



Here are some of the most common online MBA programs.


* Online MBA / Distance MBA / WebFlex MBA: A lot of MBA degrees online are 100 percent online and does not require any on-campus activity.

* Low Residency / Hybrid MBA:  This type of program are the few that require some scheduled meetings on campus to interact, maybe once a month.

* Executive MBA Degree Online: These programs require some years of experience in other to be eligible to take the course

*Accelerated MBA Degree Online: these are the fast-tracked programs like the dual MBA program that takes from 10 months to be completed.



Some of the best schools to get a degree in Business administration.


* Penn State World Campus University Park, Pennsylvania. U.S.A

* University of Massachusetts, Isenberg School of Management Amherst, Massachusetts, U.S.A

* University of Georgia, Terry College of Business, Athens, Georgia. U.S.A

* Colorado State University-Global Campus Greenwood Village, Colorado. U.S.A



Some pros and cons of online degrees.


The pros

— it mostly takes shorter time on courses.

— easier to learn and comfortable to attend with.

— you can work and learn without having to quit one to favor the other.

— there are no boundaries as you can learn anything from anywhere around the world right through your living room.

— online classes offer cheaper fees than the other.

— students complete work at their own pace so they can rest easy.

— There is no hustle and bustle of transport to commuter students.


The cons

— There is no one on one interaction with the professor or mates in class which can make questions difficult to get across.

— Some employers don’t like to employ workers with an online degree because they believe it has a low quality and lacks proper accreditation.

— Some students need guides to approach some courses but may lack here because of lack of

attention aren’t totally focused on the program, with no easy way to find physical help.

— The interesting part of campus life be missed.