Why do You Need a Workout Buddy?


Have you ever promised yourself that you will work out tomorrow only to find that tomorrow never came? In other words, is tomorrow always tomorrow when it comes to being active? If so, you are not alone. Everyone has heard a story about a person purchasing a gym membership and using it only once or twice before falling back into the old habit of being inactive. If this sounds like you, taking someone else along may be a good idea. Listed below are three reasons you need a workout buddy for motivation.

Make You Feel Less Self-Conscious

Something that a lot of people can relate to when they start a fitness routine is a feeling of self-consciousness. Maybe you worry about how you look compared to more seasoned gym-goers. It is easy to imagine a gym filled with people sporting perfect bodies, knowing exactly how every piece of equipment works. Thoughts such as this can act as a major barrier to being active. Having someone work out with you can help relieve these worries by keeping your mind distracted and providing social support.

Help You Achieve Better Results

Presumably, you are thinking of starting to exercise regularly for some benefit. In most cases, the desired outcome is centered around weight loss, body shape or health. If one or more of these outcomes rings true to you, having someone to exercise with may help you achieve better results. If both you and your buddy are competitive, you may find you challenge each other to workout harder. Harder exercise sessions should produce better results in the long run and better results should keep you motivated for longer. Just be sure not to push too hard as this can result in injuries, especially if your body is unaccustomed to being active.

Provide a Fun Element

Finding fun in being active is essential to making exercise part of your lifestyle as opposed to a passing phase. Once you have achieved your goal, if no enjoyment has been found in exercising, you are likely to stop engaging in workouts. Taking someone with you to the gym may influence whether you associate exercise with having fun. Your buddy may increase your perception of the gym being a fun environment by cracking jokes at workout mishaps or via general humorous chit-chat engaged in during your time there. Alternatively, you and your exercise partner may decide to branch out to more adventurous activities that are challenging but ultimately rewarding. Whatever the method, the importance of finding fun in your active endeavors cannot be overstated.


You may be struggling to either start or maintain an exercise routine due to a variety of different factors affecting your motivation. Have a workout buddy might help to increase your motivation. The next time you feel too self-conscious to attend the gym or are frustrated by the seemingly elusive exercise benefits, ask your friend to go working out with you. You and your workout buddy might even enjoy it.