How to Ship Your Car Across the US?


Are you planning on buying a new car overseas? In the real sense, you don’t have the ability to drive your car from one country to another. Now here comes the idea of shipping. To most people, the thought of shipping seems to be hectic, expensive, and a very long process.

Oh no! Shipping your car can be easily done if you find a reputable company with all the necessary equipment needed for the process.
Now, if you need peace of mind, you need to find a reputable and trusted company to ship your car. AmeriFright is such a company, among other top-rated shipping companies.

Shipping a car across the U.S. can be a simple stress-free process if you plan properly.

Identify the shipping company you want to use

Research which shipping company you want to work with. Find a company that can provide you with the services you need at an affordable price and the risks associated are minimal.

If possible, contact the companies to ensure they can meet your needs. Provide the shipping company with the information about your car as well as the date you want it to be shipped.

You will also need to:

• Inform your insurance company to inform them that you are hiring a shipping company to transport your car.
• You should check with Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify the reputation of the company of your choice.
• Ask the shipping company the type of coverage they provide.

Have all the details ready

If you have decided to ship your car, make sure you have all the information. This will help determine the cost, the destination where you want your car to be taken and the arrival date.

You will also need the following details:

• Model of your car.
• The address of where you will pick your car.
• The date that your car will be shipped.
• The arrival date of your car.

Prepare to ship

Once everything has been finalized and you know the cost, date of shipment, pickup point and you have provided information about your car, then the final stage is the signing of the final contract.
You should have following information before signing the contract:

• You should know the mode of payment. Some accept credit cards while others check at the arrival point.
• You should have the shipping company contacts in case you need to contact them during the shipping.
• Insurance policy of the moving company. If possible, you should have a copy.
• You should have a picture of your car before shipping so that in case of damages during shipping you will be able to prove.


Ensure there are no personal items in the car before shipping. You should have very little gas in the car to lighten care which helps in safe shipment.

You should choose fair weather if you have to meet certain deadlines. This will ensure that you don’t have to worry about storm, snow or hail.

Be available the pickup point in order to inspect your car and ensure all the conditions agreed upon before shipping were met.