How is Living in India?


India is a dream country to live in. There are many reasons and factors when one chooses where to live. So let’s examine a few such factors:


India falls under the monsoon region, meaning that most parts of the country receive rainfall for approximately four months every year, although the amount of rainfall received varies widely across the country. This season is particularly looked forward to by children and youngsters. For anyone who doesn’t mind getting soaked in the rain, India is a suitable place to live in.


Living in India is like living in many different countries all at once. There is extensive diversity present in the nation and no less than 20 different languages have been recognized by the Indian constitution. This variety of languages adds to the rich and varied heritage of India. When one meets people speaking different languages, one learns a lot about their respective culture, values and beliefs, which expands one’s knowledge a lot.


There is not as much religious diversity in India as that on a linguistic basis but still the fact is that people belonging to different religions all celebrate their respective festivals with great pomp and have fun. It instills faith in God. Many religious festivals are declared by the central and state governments, as the case applies, as public holidays. It is a great feeling to share time with your loved ones and also participate in religious rituals and traditions.


There is an enormous variety in the staple food belonging to different regions of India which tickles everyone’s taste buds. Anyone coming here will like to relish a variety of different dishes and hence staying in India gives one a chance to explore first-hand the different traditional delicacies that are prepared by the native residents of India in different states.


Since India’s geography and weather is particularly distinct from the rest of the world, it also has its own set of flora and fauna which are very exciting to discover. The Royal Bengal tiger is one of the most awe-inspiring big cats one can ever come across. Birds such as the peacock also present a lovely sight, especially when they tend to dance in the rain.

Economic opportunities:

India is a highly populated country and the benefits of development have not reached all of the population in an equal manner. There are many segments of people who are still devoid of proper skilled training, job opportunities, etc. India is also considered to be a favorable outsourcing hub because of the abundance of cheap labor.


India is increasingly becoming home to a large number of tourists. There are plenty of places in India which UNESCO has declared to be world heritage sites, and they all see daily footfall of tourists, both domestic and international. Some of the more famous tourist destinations are the Taj Mahal in Agra, Jantar-Mantar of Jaipur, forts of Maharashtra, hill stations in the Himalayas, etc. This collection of opportunities is not offered by any other country.