Why Homes Don’t Sell?


If you’re wondering why your home hasn’t sold yet, you’re not alone. Many people sell shortly after signing on the dotted line, but some houses remain on the market for months or even years. The problem leaves disappointed homeowners scratching their heads, but it’s not a matter of bad luck. In every case you’ll find reasons why the home didn’t sell within a reasonable amount of time. Consider the following five reasons why houses don’t sell quickly, and work with your Realtor to meet or exceed your relocation goals.

Neighborhood Comps and Price

Realtors provide neighborhood comps to establish a fair asking price. A homeowner can ask any amount they desire, but that doesn’t mean it will sell no matter how well it’s prepared, presented, or advertised. When homes don’t sell within a reasonable amount of time, more often than not it was priced too high for the market. That’s why it’s important to use local comps to determine the asking price. Starting unreasonably high isn’t a good marketing tactic. On the contrary, it can backfire, and the listing goes stale. When that happens, potential buyers wonder if something is wrong with the property.

A Lack of Curb Appeal

First impressions really do mean a great deal and another major reason why homes don’t sell. The house may be immaculate and well decorated inside, but home shoppers usually drive-by before committing to showings. They won’t take the time to see the inside if the exterior looks neglected. Trim the bushes, weed landscaping beds, clear away debris, wash windows, and make necessary outside repairs. It’s also helpful to make the front entrance appear more welcoming by adding pots of flowers and other eye-catching touches.

Indoor Dust Bunnies and Clutter

It takes lots of preparation to sell a home, and before it goes on the market it’s also vital to clean and clear away indoor clutter. Potential buyers struggle to imagine their belongings in the home when walls are lined with boxes and other items. They can’t see everything let alone visualize how their furniture would look. Besides, when home maintenance basics are neglected potential buyers wonder if working components were also ignored. Get rid of dust bunnies and clutter, and maintain it for possible showings.

Pet Issues are Another Reason Why Homes Don’t Sell

Our dogs, cats, and other animals are more than just pets. They’re beloved family members, but when they’re less than friendly, overly excited, and/or locked in a room during showings, potential buyers can’t view the home as thoroughly. That’s why it’s important to request a 24-hour notice and make prior arrangements with a pet sitter. People must be able to view the entire property, and without having to listen to barking dogs and other distractions.

Ignoring the Advice of the Realtor

The number one reason why houses don’t sell quickly isn’t poor marketing. On the contrary, your Realtor has your best interest in mind. However, as the homeowner, you retain the power to accept or reject their marketing plan. When priced too high, your property will only serve as a reason for shoppers to look elsewhere. Follow your Realtor’s advice, and you’re more likely to sell with fewer hassles and within a reasonable amount of time.