How to Become A Delivery Driver?


Many people are attracted to the allure of becoming a courier because of the freedom of the open road, but being a courier has its pros and cons depending on what you are delivering and what company you are working for. Rules and regulations by which a driver is considered qualified differ from company to company, however, there are a few things in common that they all seek and that is integrity, safe driving, experience, and physical ability. Let’s take a closer look at these qualifications so you can get a better understanding of what is expected of a delivery driver.


A clean, arrest-free, drug-free, background is of the utmost importance to these companies as you will be trusted with handling them to see that they arrive at their scheduled destinations. At package sorting hubs and company terminals all around the world, employees will handle hundreds, sometimes, thousands of packages a day. These packages can contain medicine, art work, groceries, or paperwork. The possibilities are endless, and unfortunately, enticing to some who may be interested in obtaining a five-finger discount by swiping one of these packages. Customers must not only pay, but also trust the delivery company to move their goods without issue making a solid base of honest employees an absolute must.

Safe Driving

A clean, violation-free, driving record is the most important qualification when applying for a courier position. If you have moving violations such as speeding, reckless operation, or a DUI, you will be denied a position as a courier. Safe driving is also defined by your ability to safely find the delivery targets without endangering yourself or others on the road. You will also be subjected to many different types of weather such as snowy or blizzard like conditions, severe thunderstorms, torrential downpours, etc. Keeping calm under pressure in all situations weather is a very important attribute to have as every delivery is important and must be delivered, but must be done safely and wisely. Every package is important, but no package is worth your life. One must have the ability to choose a path that does not put anyone, including themselves or customer property in danger.


Most delivery companies will accept one year or more of commercial driving of some sort. This may include, but is not limited to, food delivery such as pizza, experience driving a commercial vehicle such as a garbage truck, paint truck, construction vehicle, etc. If you are driving a company vehicle of some kind while working at your job, that is considered commercial driving. Some delivery companies also expect their drivers to self-manage their workloads with little to zero help. It’s important to understand that repetition is the key to becoming a successful delivery driver because each day that you go out to deliver, you will become more familiar with your customers and your route which will make your job increasingly easier as time goes by.

Some major package delivery companies have package weight limits that can be more than 150 lbs. and certain rules for package placement that may require you to carry them up several flights of stairs. You may have 500 packages to deliver and 500 packages to pick-up every day, depending on the types of businesses you may have on your route. Be sure to ask what physical requirements are expected from you prior to accepting employment at any delivery company.

If this sounds like the career for you, then explore websites like Craigslist and Indeed, especially around October and November as delivery companies tend to hire temporary drivers for their ‘Peak’ season (Christmas) which is a great way to get your foot in the door and show your stuff. Remember, becoming a courier does mean freedom of the open road, but like any career, it comes with a hefty load of responsibilities ranging from safety on the road, to safety of the packages, to providing excellent customer service that helps support your companies brand. When you arrive to deliver or pick-up, YOU represent the company so always do your best to make your customers happy.